To ensure the quality of the research, an Scientific Advisory Board has been established, consisting of nine members from the Netherlands and abroad. They are represented in this board, which has an independent position in the programme, in a personal capacity. They are a member on the grounds of their authority and expertise regarding different aspects of the field of research. For this reason, there are several academics sitting on the board who are affiliated with the institutes carrying out the research programme.

The Scientific Advisory Board follows the research process. It facilitates, spars with and advises the research programme. It assesses the concluding studies in light of the prevailing standards for integrity and academically sound research and only refuses to grant approval in the case that these standards are not met. As such, the Scientific Advisory Board is not responsible for the concluding studies and sub-studies of the research programme.

  • Prof. dr. E.A. (Elizabeth, Liz) Buettner, professor of Modern History at the University of Amsterdam, with a special interest in late-colonialism and decolonization.
  • Prof. dr. R. (Robert) Cribb, professor of Asiatic History, Australian National University, specializing in the history of Indonesia.
  • Prof. dr. P.M.H. (Petra) Groen, previously special professor of Military History at the University of Leiden, now senior researcher at NIMH, specialist in the military history of the Dutch Indies.
  • Prof. dr. L. (Larissa) van den Herik, professor of International Public Rights, University of Leiden, and (among others) vice chair of the Advice Commission on Questions of Human Rights.
  • Prof. dr. J. (Jan) Hoffenaar, chair, professor of Military History at the University of Utrecht, head of research at NIMH, specialist in post-1945 military history.
  • Luitenant-general b.d. M. (Mart) de Kruif, (among others) commandant ISAF for Southern Afghanistan (2008-2009) and  Ground Forces Commandant (2011-2016).
  • Prof. dr. B. (Bambang) Purwanto, special professor of Southeast Asian History at the University of Leiden, vice-counsellor of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
  • Prof. dr. H. (Henk) Schulte Nordholt, special professor  of Indonesian History at the University of Leiden, head of research at KITLV.
  • Prof. dr. H. (Henk) te Velde, professor of Fatherland History at the University of Leiden.